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Apicius is the name of a Roman lover of luxury who lived in the 90s BC and was said to have outdone all his contemporaries in lavish expenditure. According to ...

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Apicius Trajan

Apicius (disambiguation)'s wiki: Apicius is the title of the oldest surviving Roman cookbook, usually said to have been compiled in the 4th or 5th century AD.Apicius ...
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Apicius (Trajan) XIV e siècle Guillaume Tirel dit ... Antoine Beauvilliers inventeur du « restaurant » et auteur de « L'Art du Cuisinier », 1814;

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IGOR MITORAJ MONUMENTAL | Restaurant Apicius. Teseo, 2011. bronze, ... Marché de Trajan. Rome. Palais Royal de Varsovie. 2005. Museo Civici Veneziani. Venise. 2006

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The Apicius manuscript (ca. 900 AD) of the monastery of Fulda in Germany, which was acquired in 1929 by the New York Academy of Medicine Apicius is a collection of ...

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